Bissell PowerEdge Review

The Bissell PowerEdge vacuum is one of the best cheap vacuum cleaners on the market today. It sells for a pretty great price of $50 on, where it has attracted an astonishing 3,335 reviews (as of this writing). So we decided to give it a test run to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s what we liked.

*V-shaped head design. The PowerEdge has a pretty unique design, which can be seen immediately in the design of the front of the unit, which is a V-shaped design. This is so that dirt and debris can be captured on the outskirts, and sucked back into the cleaning head, making for a wider cleaning path.

*We tested this vacuum on carpeted floors, and it performed pretty well. It easily rolled over the carpet, and picked up the dog hair and cereal with ease. This allows the vacuum to get around furniture and corners without much of a hassle.

*Sticking with the vacuum head, Bissell really paid a lot of attention to this feature, because they also designed it in a way so that it swivels around, meaning you can clean around the legs of your coffee table. Instead of you having to contort your body into an awkward position, you can simply turn the swivel head.

*Some other features we liked include the 20-foot power cord, easy to empty dirt cup, and the fact that it is specifically designed for hardwood floors.

Of course, arguably the single best feature of this vacuum is its price: again, for $50, it is arguably the single best value out there today.

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